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2018-2019 Middle School Classes


GRADES - 6-7-8


Due to the fact that our classes meet only one day a week, our classes tend to move quickly and involve a fair share of reading and writing. Our students should be proficient, on their grade level in reading when enrolling at Inspire. 

Classes at Inspire meet one day a week – Tuesday


All Classes at Inspire run September through May, not by semester


As homeschoolers, we understand your educational time is most valuable, and that we may not be the only program or extra-curricular activity your children pursue. This is why we have classes only one day a week – Tuesdays. This allows your family time to compliment strong coursework with extracurricular activities that balance the educational foundation for your children. Family remains paramount in this process.


We offer many classes at Inspire Homeschool Academy that are devoted to enriching and educating the whole child.


There is a minimum of 4 students to run a class, although a teacher may decide to have a class with less students.  If a class does not happen due to low enrollment, and it is the only class you are registered for, we will refund your registration and supply fees.

Classes are based upon student and parent interest and more may be added in the future.



All classes are a'la carte.


Most Group Classes are $50 a month




Private Music lessons are $75 a month


Private Voice lesson are $75 a month





Registration fees are $150 per child. (Reg fee discount with 3rd+ child)   There is an early enrollment discount of $75 per child, per year only if registered and paid before May 1st.




Individual classes may have a small supply fee in addition to the yearly tuition. These are determined by the individual instructor.




Tuition is due on the 1st day of the month.  A late fee is charged after midnight on the 1st. There is no grace period.  A monthly statement will be sent home by email and you can pay your account online via autodraft, check or credit card. 

Tuition is based upon a yearly class cost divided into 9 monthly payments for your convenience.  It is not based upon the number of classes in a month.   Tuition is the same regardless if you miss class or if there are less classes in that month.

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Classic and STEM Subjects 

Arts Classes

Physical Fitness

Music Classes

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