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Character Art Drawing

Whether you want to learn to draw characters for games, comics, cartoons, manga, animation and more, this class is for you!


You will learn all the core fundamentals and techniques to drawing and sketching characters.  You will learn the tips and secrets that artists use to improve their drawings skills. 

Class time: 1:00pm - 1:55pm - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade: 4th through 8th grade

Instructor: Ms. Faith

Cost: $50.00 per month

Supply Fee: $10.00

Min/Max:   4/8


Class size is limited to 8 Seats


Supplies:  Notebook, 9” x 12” sketch pad, ruler,

circle template, 90 degree triangle,

pencil,  (either a mechanical, F pencil or an HB),

eraser (pink or kneadable),

and Sharpie markers (fine tip and extra fine tip). 

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