Inspire Homeschool Academy is a one day a week non-denominational Christian program dedicated to meeting the needs of the traditional homeschooling family.
Inspire comes from the Greek word theopneustos

Word Origin - from theos and pnéō

theos - God  pnéō - breathed-out
Definition: God-breathed, inspired by God

Our Crest


Our motto is "Credo ut intelligam" - "I believe so I may understand"

The lion stands for the strength of our Lord.


The laurel leaves stand for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Our school colors are blue and gold.

About Us

Students Grades 4-12


Classes at Inspire meet one day a week – Tuesday


All Classes at Inspire run September through May, not by semester.


We are a PARTNERSHIP where the parent maintains control of the child's education.


As homeschoolers, we understand your educational time is most valuable, and that we may not be the only program or extra-curricular activity your children pursue. This is why we have classes only one day a week – Tuesdays. This allows your family time to compliment strong coursework with extracurricular activities that balance the educational foundation for your children. Family remains paramountin this process.

Statement of Faith

1 Corinthians 12:12-27


We are a non-denominational faith-based Christian school. We do not require a signed statement of faith. Our students and teachers are all believers, and come from different denominations of the Christian faith.  

Our staff, families, and students are expected to remain united in our Christian faith and our love for our Lord and are to avoid pushing personal beliefs or taking positions that can cause denominational discord.



Non-Discrimination Policy

 ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:31


God loves us and commands us to love one another. God has uniquely created each child with a variety of learning styles and needs or abilities. Race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender, age, marital status, or disability is never used as a consideration for acceptance into Inspire Homeschool  Academy. 



Accreditation is a process in which school standards are evaluated by an accreditation agency. In the United States, this process is not completed by the federal government, but by private companies with varying rules and standards. An accredited diploma is not required, nor necessary to graduate or to be accepted to any college or university.

At Inspire, we believe the parent is the ultimate authority when it comes to decisions regarding their child's education. We choose not to be associated with any particular credit-granting agency because we feel that it takes ultimate control away from the parent. Inspire Homeschool Academy believes it is each homeschooling parent's individual right to choose to not to accredit at all or to choose to accredit and which homeschooling accrediting agency they will use for their child's transcript.


The classes offered at Inspire may satisfy accreditation standards for different accreditation programs homeschooling parents may individually wish to pursue their credits through on their own.  



The teachers and staff are often busy with the needs of our students; it is best that you call to make an appointment to visit the school.
Our address may say Marietta but we are conveniently located on the Powder Springs border in beautiful West Cobb convenient to Marietta, Powder Springs, Kennesaw, Acworth, Dallas, Douglasville and more.  We are only minutes from Barret Parkway, Dallas Hwy/120, Mars Hill Rd, 92, Macland Rd, and 278. We are extremely easy to get to.

Please feel free to park at the right side of the main church near the Administrative Buliding. We are in the tan M1 and M2 buildings.
The main school office is in Building M1.



Inspire Homeschool Academy LLC

School Hours:

During the school year the physical school is open:
Tuesday - 9am - 4pm

Administrator Hours:
Please note: We do not maintain an office at the church. 

Mon, Tue, Thurs  - 9am to 4pm
Wednesday, Friday, Sat, Sun - Closed

Since we do not keep an on-site office at the church, we have reduced office hours. ​Please leave a message if no answer or email. We will get back to you

Head of School - Rosemary Giordano
Tel: 678-675-7240 
Athletic Director - Kristy Short

Physical Address of Program

McEachern United Methodist Church - Oaks Hall

4075 Macland Rd

Powder Springs, GA 30127

Tel: 678-675-7240 





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