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Apologia - Chemisty and Physics (for ELEMENTARY STUDENTS)

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a high school level class!

“Introduce your children to the fascinating world of chemistry and physics while your students learn just how God made everything in the universe!  Using Charlotte Mason methodology and curriculum designed by Jeannie Fulbright, your students will have a scientifically sound and God-honoring study that covers atoms, molecules, simple chemicals, laws of motion, electricity, magnetism, and simple machines. 

The activities and projects in this course are sure to delight and inspire your young minds. They’ll begin by exploring the basic building blocks of creation, atoms and molecules, and then journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms, before discovering concepts of electricity and magnetism. Along the way, your students will make their own bouncy ball, build a solar oven, construct a working periscope, fashion a miniature motor, and create a lava lamp. This exciting course will give your students a love for learning and a confidence in science that will carry them through the school years and beyond."


Class time: 9:00 am - 9:55am - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade: 4 through 6th grade

Instructor: Karen Dingler

Cost: $50.00 per month

Min/Max:   4/12 - ***TWO SLOTS LEFT***

Course Fee: $25


Class size is limited to 12 Seats


Supplies: Binder with loose leaf paper, pencils, colored pencils

Some odds and ends items may need to be brought in from home


Student Text: Apologia Exploring Creation with 
Chemistry and Physics 
ISBN: 1935495984 
ISBN-13: 9781935495987 
Student Notebook: Apologia Exploring Creation with 
Chemistry and Physics  – Student Notebook 
ISBN: 194011005X 
ISBN-13: 9781940110059 
NOTE:  DO NOT get the JUNIOR Notebook!!!!! 



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