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Voice Lessons


Voice Lessons help vocalists to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, blend smoothly between head voice and chest voice, achieve mixed voice and belt coordinations, master multiple musical and vocal styles, sing high notes with ease, gain confidence for performances, and achieve technical and artistic mastery. Your student will learn to read music, the fundamentals of singing & improve their vocal technique. There willl be various performance opportunities presented throughout the year.


Class time:  individual private lesson time as available

Recommended Age/Grade:  5th grade through high school

Instructor: Mr. Stephen

Cost:  $75 a month


Supplies:  Black 3 Ring Binder & Pencil


Students will be required to participate in a concert twice a year.  

Students will be required to practice/do vocal warm-ups for 30 min a day to receive 1 full class credit.




Introducing our VOCAL INSTRUCTOR: Stephen DeVillers.   Stephen started singing and acting at an early age, way back in the 2nd grade, and has truly been caught by the acting bug ever since!  With a degree in Musical Theatre from Gulf Coast State College, numerous years of formal vocal training himself, Stephen comes to us from Panama City Beach where he was working as a vocal coach. He recently moved to Atlanta to pursue the numerous opportunities available in acting, stage and film.  In addition to teaching at Inspire, Stephen performs in serveral local professional theatre companies, including Out of the Box Theatre Company, Act3 Productions, and at the High Museum.  Stephen’s experience and creativity will fit right in with students and staff of Inspire and we are excited to have him as a part of our school!

If you think your child would be interested in taking voice lessons from Stephen, his expertise will take your child from a good singer to being a great singer!







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