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Claymation Cinema - Sculpture and Stop Motion Animation


Do you love to create characters out of clay? Do you want to  film your very own claymation animated movie like James and the Giant Peach or Wallace and Grommit?

This class will teach your student how to create characters out of clay and bring their creations to life by using digital cameras and animation software programs. Students will learn different animation concepts, develop a plan for their story, storyboard the details of their animation movie, and discover creative ways to build the characters.


Class time: 2:00pm - 2:55am - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade: 4th through 8th grade

Instructor: Ms. Faith

Cost: $50.00 per month

Supply Fee: $25

Min/Max:   4/8

Class size is limited to 8 Seats


Supplies: laptop computer for classroom use, digital camera, stop motion software (TBA)


Students will be given basic supplies to start with.  They may wish to purchase additional clay or wires if needed (can be purchased at local craft store)

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