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ActingUp4Christ theatre company was started by and is owned by the Director - Rosemary Giordano, many years ago as a theatre ministry for homeschool children. The program has proudly grown bigger and bigger through the years and was the cornerstone of Inspire. ActingUp4Christ  is a quality theatre class for homeschoolers that through the course of the year-long program produces a full length play suitable for a Christian environment.  Our focus is using our talents and gifts to glorify God through theater, music and art while using theater as a ministry. While the ministry may have have been transplanted and grown through God's tender care, this is the same theatre ministry parents and students have grown to love over the years Rosemary has been teaching!


Class time:  1:00 to 2:55 pm – Tuesday (2 hr class)

Recommended Age/Grade:  4th through 12th grade (ages 9 and up, please) STUDENTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO READ PROFICENTLY!

Instructor: Rosemary Giordano

Cost:  $50 a month

Min/Max:   10/24 (Director may accept more depending on show chosen)
Supply Fee - $50 non-refundable Supply Fee due at registration.  This fee covers your child’s script (which they get to keep), most costume pieces, 2 tickets per family to opening night, and a show tee-shirt


Class size is limited - and will be accepted in the order or registration.
This class normally maxes out at full capacity and does carry a wait list.


Once our cast of students are in place, we will chose a play appropriate for the number of students and skill level within the classroom. We try to choose plays that are well known (Broadway-hits) or adaptations of well known literary classics. The plays are well suited for a Christian family audience


Final date for the play – TBA but will be in Spring/LATE April 2019

No experience is necessary - ALL children who join are guaranteed a role in the play, however we are restricted to the number of children we can accept. Roles are filled by audition; the audition is not to see who is the best actor or singer, but to get an idea of your strengths and to see the best fit for the part. 


Parent Participation – In order to make it the best production possible, all families are expected to participate in some form in bringing their talents together to make the final production happen.  Sewing costumes, baking snacks, painting sets or selling tickets – we each have been blessed by God with a talent we can share.

Costumes – We believe in a “beg, borrow, find before buy philosophy”. ActingUp4Christ has many costume pieces; however you may be required to find/purchase some personal-use pieces for your child such as costume pieces, tights, or make-up. You will also be expected to provide your own ballet, character or jazz shoes for the show.

Scripts – Since we are a class and only meet once a week, the students “workbooks” are their scripts and their “homework” is learning their lines.  Students consistently not being prepared, whether by not having scripts in class, not having their lines memorized, or by missing rehearsals or being late, they will run the risk of having their parts switched with another student.


Tickets - All families will be REQUIRED to sell 15 tickets to the play. Table seats do not count in the ticket total.


Wording on the page copyright Rosemary Giordano ActingUp4Christ.





Photos are from ActingUp4Christ's 2018 "Madagascar - A Musical Adventure, Jr" 2017 "Beauty and the Beast, Jr", 2016 "The Little Mermaid, Jr.", 

2015 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and 2014 "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" production. 

Taken at Mablehouse Barnes Amphitheatre. 

Copyright Michelle Harmon Photography and ActingUp4Christ 

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