Your student will learn about pitch, the staff, the musical alphabet, clefs, ledger lines, the grand staff, names of the white and black keys on the piano, intervals, half & whole steps, accidentals, scales, beats, tempo, grouping of beats, division of beats, major & minor scales, chromatic scales, key signatures, circle of fifths, musical signs, terms, vocabulary, dynamics & tempo

markings. Students will also learn how to write music & learn to conduct.  

This is a good foundational class for any student interested in the music, dance or theatrical field. 


Class time:  11:00am - 11:55am - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade:  6th grade through high school

Instructor: Jonnee D'Armond

Cost:  $45 a month

Min/Max:   4/12


Supplies:  Pencils, Erasers, Staff Paper, 3 Ring Binder with sheet protectors


Book:  "Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory Complete". You can purchase this book at Ken Stanton Music Store.