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Artisan and Crafter Workshop


Let's travel back in time when things were created by hand…

Beautiful pieces of pottery. Hand-carved wood.  Tanned and tooled leather.  Fine beaded jewelry. Mosaics. Tiffany type stained glass.  Tie-dye and batik fabrics. Things hand woven on looms. Clay work. Hammered metals.  Things built with wood.


What we are going to create in this class is only going to be limited by the student’s creativity and their imaginations. I can’t tell you what we will make and learn because the students are going to tell me what they want to learn and we are going to create with our hands together.


Class time:  3:00pm - 3:55Pm - Tuesday

Recommended age Age/Grade:  4th grade and up

Instructor: Mrs.  Shelly (Michelle) Wolford

Cost:  $50 a month

Supply Fee: $30

Min/Max:   4/12


Supplies: Teacher will start out buying some supplies needed to start out the year. 


Additional items will be requested to be brought in from home as needed to complete projects.  


We will be using many *recycled* items for this class as well. 






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