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Crochet and Knitting


Knit one, purl two.  Or is it pearl too?  Or Do you Use a Chain Stitch?


In this class, you will learn how to crochet as well as to knit, purl, cast on & bind off. As the year progresses and you get better, we will attempt harder projects based upon your skill level. Will you make a scarf, a hat? A blanket for your new nephew?   Your crochetting and knitting will take you as far as you want to go!



Class time:  1:00pm - 1:55pm - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade: 4th through 6th grade - Can be older or even a mom!

Instructor: Mrs. Kristy Short

Cost:  $50 a month

Supply Fee: $10

Min/Max:   4/12

Supplies: Teacher will provide basic patterns/handouts with supply fee. Student will be responsible for purchasing knitting supplies. Teacher will provide purchase list as class goes on. Purchase list will include items like knitting needles and yarn.


Class size is limited to 12 Seats

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