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STEAM - Art and Science Fair

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Entries for the 2020 Inspire Homeschool Academy Science Fair

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no 3rd-5th grade entries

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Entries for the

2020 Writing Fair including:

Poetry ,Shorty Story & Poster


Entries for the 2020 Photography Fair including:

Color Gr 3-5

Color Middle School

Color High School

Black & White

Digitally Enhanced HS


Meet Our Judges

 Michelle Anderson - Michelle Anderson is a Christian artist out of the Asheville region of NC who is especially known for incorporating "swirlies" as she calls them - or colorful swirls into her many beautiful paintings. She produces an annual calendar and has recently been chosen as a featured artist to have her paintings displayed in the local hospital and medical center rooms. Michelle likes to look over the mountains of her back yard and use nature as an inspiration for her designs.

Julia McCalip - Julia McCalip is a music teacher out of Tennessee. She is also a talented artisan who run her own studio and an Etsy shop called Bluestocking Art Studio where she creates whimsical statues  and animal inspired dolls made out of clay,incorporating fur, fabric and her love of things furry and cuddly.  She raises goats as a hobby and goats are a recurring theme in her art.


Dr. Carey Roth Bayer -   Dr. Bayer is professor at Morehouse School of Medicine where she helps to train and teach future doctors.  She is a volunteer with Girl Scouts, 4-H, as well as several other community organizations. In her spare time, she likes to spend time at the barn with her horses and help her daughter with her many 4-H and equestrian adventures.. 

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