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Biblical Studies - "Tweeting the First Testament"

(A Concise Survey of the Old Testament)


During the weeks of this study events and exercises will be accomplished in order to bring you to a general understanding of what is the greatest amount of "white pages" (the unread, un-highlighted) on most people’s bibles, the Old Testament.


It was the Bible of John The Baptizer, Jesus and the apostles. It laid the foundation  of much of the church's immediate decades after it's birth at Pentecost. What can we learn with even a cursory dash through it's pages? Although you will not be reading all of it in these days, unless  your student is just brilliant! They will learn the books: (1) Location " Where is second Hezekiah?" (2) Categorization: "Poetry Books?  Ya kidding me, then why don't they rhyme?" (3) Key Passages, "Now where are those Commandments?"


No attempts to make scribes here, just introductions. Since there are 39 books, obviously we'll need to deal with books at a time. So bring your running shoes and a Bible you can highlight.


Class time:  10:00am - 10:55am - Tuesday

Recommended Age/Grade:  6th through high school

Instructor: Rev. Tommy Dingler

Cost:  $45 a month

Supply fee: $10


Min/Max:   4/20



Supplies: A Bible you can highlight, highlighter, pencil, binder and paper. 













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